Fun & Whimsical Guitar Pick Jewelry

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Create a lasting impression with a unique set of earrings with over 100 different fun & whimsical designs sourced from original designs, photography, original art and recycled and repurposed materials.

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Add a little rock and roll to your look with necklaces, bracelets, key-chains and scatter pins that would look great on a hat, purse or even a backpack. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination!

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Car Bling

Why not dress up your vehicle with a beautiful and unique piece of car jewelry placed around the rear-view mirror? Add a little extra with lava diffusers so you look great while smelling even better.

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Pet Accessories

Your pets want to look cool too and just imagine their cute little face when you bring them a rocking charm to add to their collar. They’ll be to coolest pet on the block.

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A Division of Kim Warner Art
Pick Me breathes new life into guitar picks by finding a new purpose for them.

Need a little rock n' roll in your life? Spice up your wardrobe with these unique custom made guitar pick earrings and accessories for every occasion and for everything in your life.

They call me Kim. Kim Warner, and I'm a jewelry maker and mixed media artist. I was born in Calgary and attended the Alberta College of Art & Design in the early 80's. My creative passion was recently reignited and now I'm obsessed.

It started with my paintings, but then my son bought me a guitar pick punch and I began small, with a collection of Christmas and Stampede earrings made of guitar picks. Both collections went over well and now that obsession has grown. My son and I now collaborate on more than 100+ designs encompassing endless themes - all holidays, pop culture, animals, hobbies, sports; you name it, we probably have it.

  • Ready to rock? Themes for every occassion!

  • Complete the total look, head to toe!

  • Accessorize your vehicle and ride in style!

  • Dig up a good find for your furry friend!

The Pickiest People

The minds and hands behind it all.

Kim Warner

Pick Master
Kim is the pick master, the mastermind behind Pick Me. She is the artist and jewelry designer of every piece you see. She brainstorms on ideas to come up with design concepts and is at the forefront of the sales team.

Jeff Warner

The Fine Tuner
Jeff heavily influences the design concepts of the picks. He fine tunes the looks of them according to Kim’s ideas. Jeff is the graphic designer for Pick Me which encompasses running the social media platforms and getting the word out there. He also strums along with the sales team.

Rob Warner

The Muscle
Rob is the brains behind the elaborate displays that are custom built for events. He is also the muscle behind making the picks themselves – they don’t just magically appear. Rob is also often strung along to assist with sales whenever needed.